All family members and friends are not permitted to watch classes as it is too distracting, please wait in our designated waiting areas. Our experience shows that the learning environment is more effective without parents, siblings and onlookers in the class watching.

Our Pre-School programs are endorsed by leading child care experts who support the independent learning model. Our Pre-School classes are designed to instill independence and confidence in leaving Mum and Dad for for a short time to do something for themselves and make new friends while they’re enjoying a fun and exciting dance class. We encourage them (and you) to wave goodbye in the waiting area and watch how proud they are of themselves when they return to you at the completion of the class. Your positive enthusiasm and confident goodbye is re-assuring for them and though your child may feel safer with you in the room, other children will be shy in your presence. It is important for them and us that you remain out of the studio while class is in session.

As important as you are to their development and learning as he/she grows your child also benefits from this very small time away from you. They will gain confidence in their ability to make choices, learn new things, form ideas of their own and then proudly share them with you after class. This helps them transition positively into the larger world and for school readiness.

Comfortable clothes they can move in and barefoot. Once they are committed to the term and loving it, you are encouraged to purchase our uniforms and correct dance shoes so that they feel a part of the team.

You will received an invoice via email at the start of every term. Please ensure you check your junk email folder if you do not receive one or let us know asap.

Uniforms and dance shoes are available to order via emailing Miss Nicole or filling out the dancewear order form on the front desk.