My little boy has been attending Step Up for over two years now, since he was 2years old and absolutely loves it.

Miss Nicole and Miss Kate are excellent teachers, their patience, support, and kindness have really made the Ready Set Dance and Acro classes so enjoyable for him and his little friends. Dance class is his favourite time of the week.

Alicia, Parent

‘Between all 3 of my children we have been part of the Step Up family for over 6 years. Nicole and Kate’s caring natures, eye for detail and dance skills make Step Up Dance Academy second to none. They have loved and nurtured my children working with their abilities and have created a safe and positive environment for them to meet their full potentials and be who they are. I have watched my children’s confidence grow, create new friendships and most of all feel part of something special. Step Up is more than just dance!’

Kel, Parent

Our daughter Callie has been attending Step Up Dance now for 3 years and never could we have imagined just how big apart of her life it would become! Step Up is more then just a dance school it’s a family. The older girls support and teach the younger ones and it’s just beautiful to watch the life long friendships they are creating. We consider ourselves very lucky to be apart of such an amazing school and would highly recommend it to anyone who was thinking about giving it a go. You will not be disappointed!!

Danielle, Parent

For as long as we can remember we have been apart of the Step Up Family. Step Up is like a second family for us. Miss Nicole, Miss Kate, Assistant teachers and student helpers always go above and beyond to provide a welcoming and happy environment for every single student who dances through the doors. Ever since We started dancing we have had a huge passion for dance and an amazing dance family supporting us every step of the way. The Step Up team are professional, dedicated and loving .They provide fun classes that everyone loves with amazing tips and tricks. We love being apart of the step up family and can’t wait to see what the future holds.

Morrissey girls, Students

We love being a part of the Step Up family! My three children have gained so much confidence and I can’t wait for my youngest to be old enough to start dancing. Watching them in the Step Up end of year concerts is truly magical. The teachers all put so much effort into creating amazing dance routines and every year I am blown away by the skills the kids have gained and how much all of the kids have improved. This is all thanks to the high quality training they receive in a nurturing, encouraging and fun environment. They have allowed all of my children’s personalities to shine -through and have gone above and beyond what is expected of them to ensure the kids are confident and prepared for concerts and competitions. I have even tried and loved the ladies dance class! We are so happy with Step Up Dance Academy and know we will continue to enjoy it for many, many years to come and I am confident that you will too if you make the choice to become a part of this wonderful dance family.

Angela, Parent

It was through my time spent dancing that really led me to want to become a teacher. Growing up, I spent many afternoons in the studio with my dance teachers, Nicole and Kate and we would often be there until late at night. Both Nicole and Kate had a huge impact on me through my high school years as I always looked up to them. They always encouraged me to strive for my goals and when I doubted myself they would remind me that they believed in me and sometimes that was all I needed to hear. I always felt so supported and they would regularly remind me how proud they were of me. The morals and lessons I learnt through dance carried on through my schooling years and are now carried on at university.

My dance teachers taught me to work hard and also focus on where I am at and where I want to be. In my last year of dance, I was given the opportunity to teach my own class with fifteen students between the age of five and eight. This is where my love for teaching began and was what ultimately made me decide that I wanted to be a Primary School Teacher. One day I hope to have the same impact on the students I teach, that my dance teachers have had on me. I want to instil the same morals of working hard to achieve results and also that persistence is the key to achieving any goal. But most importantly, I want to be able to provide as many children as I can with that same encouragement and support as I was so fortunate to be given. After experiencing first-hand what it is like to feel so supported by someone other than a friend or family member, I know how important it is for the wellbeing of a student.

Sally, Student 2008-2019

My daughter has been part of the step up family for just over 2 years. As a friend of the family Nicole let lily come before her 2nd birthday. Right from the go lily was never pressured to do anything she didn’t want to, she was welcomed with open arms. Fast forward 2 years, I consider Nicole and the step up family part of our family. Lily adores Nicole, Kate, Maddie, Sophie and all her student teachers. Nicole goes out of her way to make sure everyone feels welcomed and loved. All the teachers at step up see the students, not as a student but as their own child. The warmth and love they show is amazing.

Laura, Parent

Step up has been a second family to me, Miss Nicole and Miss Kate continue to inspire me every week. Over the years I have been at Step Up I have grown so much as a dancer, built my confidence and made countless friends, Step Up has been a big part of my life and will continue to be a part of my life for years to come!

Jacintha, Student